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We all become sensitive when it comes to storing our personal information, that's why we give huge importance to this issue. 8Password can help you safely store and manage your personal data, all you need is just remember a master key.

In our daily life we all use so many passwords, for Social Media, Banking Accounts, Emails, etc., moreover every day there are new passwords to remember. Creating a new one is easy to forget, using the same is not secure, and your information will become vulnerable. 8Password comes to protect and to keep private your information.

Key Features

• Save your time, stay organized with 8Password and store your information.
• Store unlimited number of passwords securely.
• Enable Touch ID, Face ID or PIN for a secure way to access quickly and easily.
• The protection mechanism is offline since it is only on your device.
• Customize all fields by yourself and create new ones.
• Separate your most used information in the Favorites.
• Encrypted data for maximum security.
• AutoFill passwords.
• Export passwords.
• Generate passwords.

Our Security

• With one Master Key, only you have the access to your data.
• All data are stored in your device, no one except you could read it.
• Your data is stored using security standards, cryptographic algorithms such as “AES-256” (FIPS PUB 197) to encrypt and decrypt data.

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